Fantasy Wedding | Friday

Today’s the day. The kick off to our fun Fantasy Wedding series. My excitement has reached its pinnacle moment. It’s time to lauch this babe.

This a project that has been simmering for some time now with an occasional stir from time to time just to make sure the pilot was still lit. For those that know the true me I love to freely design and create. Now I know that may be a very vague open statement so let me fine tune things. I love to design weddings that evoke relevant relatable emotion, unforgettable memories, and breath-taking 1st’s in the eyes of the beholder.

My design inspiration  comes from the actual couple getting married and their journey together which ultimately leads them to the altar to say “I Do”.


In this series I am going to inspire you with various components required for a fun Fantasy  Wedding. Clear your mind.  Allow it to escape and travel to your fun Fantasy Wedding.


Don’t worry about anything. I will handle the planning and all the details. Luckily for you we are not limited by a budget,so sky’s the limit !

I promise to get you to your wedding in time, on time.  So let’s go.  Your chariot awaits you. Speaking of chariots, let’s explore a few Fantasy Wedding modes of transportation shall we?

His & Hers Cute Wedding Cars

D.A.D Swarovski Crystal Mercedes-Benz SL600

Estimated value 4.5 Million

Classic Vintage convertible (PhotoCredit Unknown)

This is just the beginning of our fun Fantasy Wedding Series.  Send me your fun Fantasy Wedding inspiration photos and lets see where they lead .

Until next week enjoy the holiday weekend.

Enjoy the last few days of summer and have a safe holiday.

Adrianne Harris      EVENTS DESIGNER

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